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Seymour, IN, us
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Hi!  My name is Gabby i'm from Seymour, Indiana USA, i'm an 20 year old who is a bit crazy, i love computers, i'm very interested in the paranormal, i believe in many things like god, angels, aliens, ghost, bigfoot and many other things, i like making wallpapers, icons, banners and signatures, and i love designing websites and profiles. I was born on may 28, 1991 at seymour hospital at 9:30 am on a tuesday, i lived in brownstown, indiana for 15 years then moved here in seymour 3 years ago, i love this town alot better, there's nicer people, i don't have alot of friends but i have lots on the internet, i do have friends in real life jolene, Amanda, Koty and i have an awesome friend named jeff who i hang out with aloti'm a lesbian and a follower of god, though i do not consider myself as a christian.i love music it's a big part of my life, can't go a day without it, my fave gene of music is pop, rock, hard rock, punk, christian pop, techno, soundtrack and R&B, I'm also a Justin Bieber fan, yeah i don't care what the haters think, i have 3 cats named Mr Lick (Whiskers) he's a maine coon white & gray, Jadis she's an all white tabby and Jill she's a maine coon as well, and had another cat princess that died on december 28, 2009, i miss her alot i loved her soo much, I love making new friends, i'm a nice person, i do not judge people i don't care if you believe in god or not i won't hate you for it, i don't even care if you like the spice girls, i like the person for she or he is, i'm not racist i see black people and everyone else the same thier no different just different colored skin, i have a big soft spot for animals, i can't live without them thier a big part of me. i love doing handstands and one armed handstands, i'm practicing on my balance at the moment.My So Weird Tumblr: For Anybody Who Was A Fan Of The 1999-2001 Disney Show "So Weird" Vist XOC!!
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So WeirdThe X FilesTouched By An Angel Xena Warrior Princess Three's Company Roseanne Resident Evil: Apocalypse Seed Of Chucky Saw 2 Narnia Nanny Mcphee Free Willy 
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When I am queen I will insist with perfect scars upon my wriststhat everything you once held dear is taken away from youWhen I am queen sweet girlscout's face and not a one will fall from graceIf all their hearts I could replaceWhen I am queen on royal throne made out of parts of broken bonesof all the devils I have known that suck the angels dryWhen I am queen I'll have my way I'll make it drowning Dollie dayand all the tears that we have cried will suck back in our eyesWhen I am queen I will not wait my body type will still be greatI will not leave it up to fate because I hate you tooWhen I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injurythe glitter sores will heal themselves I'll play the part of someone else  Original Song By "Jack Off Jill"

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when I am queen | hope azhi dahaka

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